Style Guide: Suiting up

Having a nice piece of suit is something every man needs (at least this is what we at Mileneal would like to think so). At some point in our life, we would need a suit for attending interviews, meetings, weddings or other formal occasions. We usually find ourselves either shopping for one from fashion retail stores or going to the tailors to get one tailor-made. Either way, there are always "flaws" which we would find - trousers that are too long, waist line that is too tight/loose or vents that are not properly fitted. 

That said, we do love a good article which points out things to pay attention to when getting a new suit. And this particular article from Esquire does just that. A notable detail pointed out in this article is the cuffs or the length of them. Why? Because cuffs that are made to the right length would be a perfect match to your wrist watch. 

Read article from Esquire here



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