Prestige Automatic

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Thinner Index For A Sleeker Look

We changed the thicker index of the the previous Prestige design to a thinner one as we believe this gives more room to showcase the fumé dial colours and at the same time creates a sleeker and cleaner feel. This change was also decided after we did a quick poll with our subscribers and social media followers. 

Functionality & Aesthetic Upgrade

The previous Prestige straps came with a normal pin buckle. This time around, we've added a solid stainless steel butterfly clasp which, in words of some of our subscribers, "adds a touch of class" to the Prestige watch. Besides being more appealing in appearance, the clasp makes putting on and removing of the watch a lot easier.

Clarity Through The Domed Lens

The lens on the previous Prestige came with anti-scratch Sapphire coating. This time, we've added additional anti-reflective coating on the inside and outside of the lens to give a higher clarity of the dial within. In addition, the existing anti-scratch coating will be upgraded to a 3 layer Sapphire coating from the existing single layer.

A Showcase of "Brushed & Polished"

Similar to the previous Prestige, the All New Prestige comes with a polished bezel. The subtle change implemented is the heightened brushed case. The brushed finishing is now more prominent and does not look dwarfed by the domed lens. Instead, both the domed lens and brushed case complement each other.