Previously named MILENEAL, we are now re-branded as Montage Watches. 

The word "montage" has the meaning of piecing together separate sections and fragments to create a whole new composite. Here at Montage Watches, our designs come mostly from inspiration of different elements around us. Putting these elements together, we create timepieces that are of flavorful combination between Vintage & Contemporary.

With an honest focus on details & materials, we put emphasis on comfort, quality and versatility.  Hence, putting together different quality parts to make a complete timepiece that is meant to complement your style.


Founder's Note

“My fascination for watches started in 2015 when I first had the idea of purchasing a watch, a timepiece that is of my own, bought using what I have in my own bank account. With only a couple of years into the working world, I was a fairly young working adult with limited financial capability.

Therefore, I spent hours googling different brands and comparing prices. Of course, with what I had, the renowned brands were definitely out of the question. I then came across watches which were sold through online platforms instead of the conventional retail stores. I delved in to the most basic specifications, at the same time learning a thing or two about the different types of materials, movements, straps etc.

And as expected the prices differ based on these specifications. However, I also noticed that there are significant price differences across brands, even though with comparable specifications. The very obvious reason - brand popularity. In other words, watch price markups can vary significantly. Being that young working class that I am, I only wanted a watch of good quality regardless of the brand. This led to the idea of creating a brand that offers products with the emphasis of quality and affordability.

- Wilson -

How We Make Our Watches

Our designs are all initiated by drawing inspirations from things around us. Nature, buildings, heritage etc. We start of the design process by sketching out 2D drawings of each idea

The multiple sketches are sifted through and a few are selected. These selected few will be drawn out on a 3D modeling software with estimated measurements. We play around with the dimensions, patterns to have a better visualization.

With the 3D model available, we then put them through a rendering software to simulate realistic renderings. It is in this step where we are able to apply effects such as lighting, case finishing and such.

We will then work closely with our partnering manufacturer's engineer to draft out techincal drawings. This process will entail material selection to ensure that case design is able to house the intended movement to be used.

The prototype phase starts when we have all the above in place. This step is repeated until we have the prototype that our team is satisfied with. When the prototype is perfected, bulk production starts!