Our Belief

The startup watch market is nowadays extremely saturated. The reason being it is based on a very simple startup model. You look for a watch OEM/ODM supplier, slap your logo on it and sell it with a certain percentage of margin. Because of this same reason, customers are overwhelmed with a huge variety, not knowing which brand to turn to. At the same time, they have no idea if they are paying for something that it’s worth their money.

For most watch startups, they are marketing the concept of “removing the middle man”. Most of them would point out that conventional branded watches go through suppliers, distributors, retails before finally reaching the consumer. And their model is to remove such middle parties and thus cutting down the markups imposed on each stage. True enough, this helps reduce the selling price of the watch. But how much exactly? Or is this the true honest price?

At Mileneal, we believe that this markup can still be further reduced even with the middle parties excluded. Our plan - to put our effort to come up with an authentic design of our own instead of an OEM model. We would then source for a supplier that is able to realize our design with high qualities. This would be done by matching higher range of materials to be used in our watches. All done with the belief that it should be of "maximum effort from us, but minimum price tag for our customers".

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