The Inception of Our Brand Name & Logo

If you have read our post "The beginning", you most probably would have guessed the meaning behind our brand name. Yes, that is right, our brand name is derived from the word "millennial", which was not the case initially. In the first place, we thought of going with names associated with different things or people. Greek Gods, clock and watch inventors, Latin words etc.  

Eventually, we figured that we had to be original where our brand defines who we are. We discarded all our previous ideas and started anew. We started focusing on coming up with a name that is related to the problem we aim to solve.Using a basic product canvas, we had things written down so that we could see the overall picture. And it became clear that one of our main goals is to provide a solution to the young working class - the millennials. Hence, the inception of the name Mileneal.

With a brand name, our next step was to design our logo. For this, we engaged the help of a designer. We made it clear that the logo should be simple but with a meaning to it. After a few revisions, we were finally able to finalize. The final design is an "M". The first stroke of the M consist of two I's, equivalent to the Roman number 2, while the last stroke is an I, equivalent to the Roman number 1. In short, the 2 & 1 represents the definition of a millennial - a person reaching adulthood in the 21st century.

And with that, our brand name and logo were in place..


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