The Beginning

Founder's Story..

“My fascination for watches started in 2016 when I first had the idea of purchasing a watch, a timepiece that is of my own, bought using what I have in my own bank account. With only a couple of years into the working world, I was a fairly young working adult with limited financial capability.

Therefore, I spent hours googling different brands and comparing prices. Of course, with what I had, the renowned brands were definitely out of the question. I then came across watches which were sold through online platforms instead of the conventional retail stores. I delved in to the most basic specifications, at the same time learning a thing or two about the different types of materials, movements, straps etc.

And as expected the prices differ based on these specifications. However, I also noticed that there are significant price differences across brands, even though with comparable specifications. The very obvious reason - brand popularity. In other words, watch price markups can vary significantly. Being that young working class that I am, I only wanted a watch of good quality regardless of the brand. This led me to further my “research”. I started looking for suppliers and asking for quotations. To my surprise, a good watch made of good materials does not cost a lot! It is simply that they are marked up with a certain percentage to increase the margin.

That is when I started pondering on the idea of this startup. Having gone through the hassle, I wanted to create a platform that sells at a very minimal mark up, so that the young working class like me would not have to go through the same headache that I faced. I believe we all deserve to look good and presentable when stepping onto our working journey, and the “wrist game” is part of the package. And with that I decided to realize this idea to provide not just another online store but a solution. A solution that is made for the 21st century working adults. The millennials.”

A screenshot of our initial 3D design stage

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