The Classic Rose Gold Reviewed

By Great Brands NYC

"This dress watch review and unboxing of a watch sent to me by Mileneal Watches. They are a brand new player in the minimalist genre of watches. Recently, they completed a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. They raised $24K+ which enabled them to launch their Classic series. Their classic series is targeted at the millennial crowd, and they offer in both white and black face dials. They also have various types of straps in different colors: black, brown and blue. This particular Mileneal watch in this video review is the Rose Gold White watch with Vintage Blue Leather. What makes their watches interesting is the dome face glass. It actually feels much more robust than other watches I’ve owned or reviewed. 

The Mileneal watch uses the Miyota GM10 movement, which is the Japanese quartz movement. The watch itself it 3ATM so I wouldn’t go diving into a pool or go scuba diving with it. But it is “splash resistant”. The watch body or case uses 316L stainless steel. It is considered “surgical grade” stainless steel and has a polished finishing. The strap is leather and has the branding inside the leather strap.

Should you consider Mileneal watches? The better question to ask is if you need a dress watch. A dress watch is a must for any working professional. And in general, it’s good to have in one’s wardrobe. It’s a great compliment for a business suit or fashion ensemble for formal functions.

The key is to find watches that have a minimalist style, as it’s not proper etiquette to use an opulent sports or chronograph watch at a funeral or wedding. Always go for the minimalist, classic look when going to work in a suit or going to a formal setting.

Mileneal watches is a solid choice for someone in the market for a dress watch. It comes in both white and black faces. It has various color straps to mix and match with your outfit."

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