The Movement

In the heart of the watch lies a MIYOTA GM10 movement. With this movement, the timepiece is complete with hour, minute and second hands, allowing you to know when your watch actually stops ticking and require a battery change. This is also complemented with a date indication. With a battery life of approximately 2 years, the MIYOTA GM10 provides the just the right basic functions while keeping the watch body at a slim profile.  

The Lens

The dial is protected by a Sapphire Coated K1 Mineral Crystal lens. The slightly raised lens gives the whole watch a more dimensional look, as compared to a conventional flat lens. The hardened K1 Crystal improves the lens' resistance to shatter. On top of that, a layer of Sapphire coating is added on the surface to make the whole piece more scratch- resistant. The final result is a lens which serves as a protection to the dial and at the same time complementing the watch case. 

The Case

The watch body or case is made of 316L stainless steel. This "surgical grade" stainless steel, as some would call it, has low carbon content and is extremely resistant to corrosion. This is topped with a polished finishing, giving the overall timepiece an elegant appearance. 

The Packaging

The Classic Watch is packaged in a sleek looking matte black box, adhering to the minimal design of the watch itself. Though simple, it is pleasantly presented to give you a very satisfying unboxing experience. Along with the box are two items, a specification card and a microfiber cloth for polishing of the watch lens.